observations: espn magazine the body issue.

October 14, 2011  |  Sports  |  Share

ESPN Magazine’s The Body Issue arrived in my mailbox last week. Here are some nice images, with my observations.

I wonder what odds Vegas would have had to lay to get bettors to wager that this issue’s cover would NOT feature Hope Solo. -3000? I still would have taken it. No brainer here.

Add Blake Griffin and Steven Jackson to my list of guys I hope are on my side in a squabble.

Surfing and snowboarding are good professions in which to find a date.

This is the second hairiest guy I’ve seen from the TX panhandle. That’s an incredibly awesome prosthesis.

Busting the LPGA stereotype?

This issue also included a story by Shaun Assael on the upward trend in athletes using stem cell injection therapy to promote healing. It’s a good read, but wanted to share a photo that was included of a bone marrow extraction. After having this done over a dozen times now, I am frequently asked questions about the process and what the needle looks like. This is a fair representation:

[via ESPN the Magazine, Oct 17, 2011: The Body Issue]



  1. I loved this issue too. And your observations are astutely innapropriate. Win.

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