50 years of paul newman & joanne woodward.

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If you go by the pictures, has any couple ever had as much fun as these two?

“Husbands and wives should have separate interests, cultivate different sets of friends and not impose on the other. You can’t spend a lifetime breathing down each other’s necks. We are very, very different people and yet somehow we fed off those varied differences and instead of separating us, it has made the whole bond a lot stronger.” -Paul Newman

“Sexiness wears thin after a while and beauty fades, but to be married to a man who makes you laugh every day, ah, now that’s a real treat.” -Joanne Woodward

[many images via fypn]



  1. very nice
    It was beautiful and romantic

  2. Thanks for these wonderful photos.

    You do know, I presume, that at least two of them are probably Eva Marie Saint and not Joanne Woodward (with Sinatra, and b/w sitting on rocks).

    fyi, constructively

  3. Incredible. the great class acts (=large actors) and a great love. From Spain. Bravo !

  4. What a beautiful couple.

  5. What is with the 24th(?) pic, and the face of the guy on the right? Are they at a funeral? The pic looks altered too.

    • Interesting, I hadn’t noticed that. Maybe something on the original photo?

      I found the following info here:

      “Woodward and Newman at the funeral of Jerry Wald, producer of “The Long, Hot Summer,” 1962.”

  6. I love this couple! always radiating happiness

  7. I miss seeing the beautiful Hollywood couples of long ago, in contrast with the Hollyweird of today. Thanks.

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