using google's goggles to enhance your getty museum experience.

using google’s goggles to enhance your getty museum experience.

June 28, 2011  |  Art  |  Share

The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

I know I made a snide remark last week about a misguided pair loudly snapping phone pics of virtually every piece of art while browsing NOMA, but here’s an actual reason to do that (on silent please). Google has partnered with The Getty Museum in LA to allow visitors to photograph works with their Google Goggles app to access a virtual guided tour, including audio commentary by artists and curators. I’ve missed The Getty on my previous trips to LA, but maybe this will seal the deal on my next trip.

Google Goggles, although extremely awkward to say, is a pretty great tool. In addition to enhancing your Getty experience, it’s quite a useful enhancement to your smartphone’s camera for identifying any work of art, easily saving information from a business card or identifying an item by barcode for comparison shopping on the fly. It’s available for both the iPhone and on Android.

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