do you turn off your dvr?  you should.

do you turn off your dvr? you should.

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Did you know that the average DVR/Cable Box uses half as much energy as an average full-size refrigerator and more than most TVs? I certainly did not. When you have a multi-component entertainment setup, it’s quite convenient to just leave the DVR on all the time…one less step to powering up and down. I know I’m not the only one since my Logitech Harmony software wizard asks me by default if I want to include powering the DVR on/off during the Watch TV macro. Since learning how much power it uses, I’ve answered that question with an emphatic YES.

In case you had the same worry I had initially about missing some programming, rest assured: your DVR will still record all scheduled programs and receive any updates while powered down (I can say for certain that this is the case for Time Warner digital cable subscribers and I assume any carrier who uses the Scientific Atlanta box that I have). Do the right thing.

[via lifehacker]


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